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Some unknown information about Power Bank!

Power Banks, of late, have become one of the most preferred choices for charging electronic devices. It is due to the fact that most of the people are constantly glued to their Smartphones and other electronic devices. When an electronic device gets used throughout the day, its battery gets drained out within seconds. The only solution to this problem is to carry a power bank along with you.

These charging banks provide you with the much-needed battery backup in order to continue using your electronic devices. Bulk power banks are a great option when you are looking to gift your staff this magical and useful product. However, there are a lot of things regarding the power bank usage which we are sure that you had no idea about!

5 Cool & Interesting Facts About Power Banks

1. The Power Bank Capacity

Power banks come in different shape and sizes but more importantly with different mAh figure that determines the total capacity of the battery. In short, if you want more energy in your power bank, you need to go for a power bank with a higher mAh. An iPhone 6 user will go for a power bank whose mAh is greater than the mAh of the phone.

2. The Laptop Charging Ability

Power banks are born to give life to your favorite electronic devices but not every power bank is capable enough to charge a laptop. The simple reason behind this is the fact that most of the power banks come with a 5V USB output and in order to charge a laptop, it should have 15V to 20 V voltage output! One thing to note here is that only a handful of power banks come with such high voltage.

3. The Life of a Power Bank

Bulk power banks which comprise of lithium ion batteries (including lithium polymer) have the tendency of losing their capacity with the passing of time. It all depends on the number of cycles and the quality of the battery and its chemical composition. The rule is simple. Bigger the battery, lesser the cycles and longer the life! Power banks have a long battery life as compared to a Smartphone due to its repeated cycle of charging.

4. The Speed of Charging

It all depends on the capacity of the power bank. There are some power banks that require around 30–40 hours in order to get charged completely. If you wish to charge faster, you should buy a power bank which is having a voltage higher than a 5V input. For this, you have the option of charging it directly from the socket with an AC charger.

5. Running TV with a Power Bank

Yes, it is very much possible provided you have an advanced power bank which comprises of a pretty high voltage as required to run a TV. This means you need not depend on electricity in case of an emergency and simply run your TV with the help of a power bank. This is the reason Bulk power banks are kept as a backup where there are a lot of high voltage electronic devices running like these.

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