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Who is more protected Android or IOS?

Two of the most popular operating systems in the world are Android and iOS. Both operating systems have their own good and bad aspects. The competitive competition between the two operating systems is always going on in these two operating systems.

Both Android and iOS two operating systems have their own user base. But in the era of cyber attack, it is very important to know which operating system security is better than others. Since you are not 100% protected online, know which mobile operating system is more secure than anyone else.

Malware Attack: It is important to know how much rush we are facing while using mobile. Research says that iOS works better than Android to stop malware. That’s why malware attacks target Android devices. Another reason for this is certainly the number of subscribers of Android. Apps from the Apple Store are much more secure than the Play Store app. Because each app separately reviews the security of Apple, but starts selling in the appstore.

Software update: If the operating system is updated then there is always the possibility of surviving from security threads. The latest Android operating system can be seen in very little Android devices. On the other hand, almost all iOS devices have the latest iOS update with the launch. As a result, the latest operating system reduces the security threshold of any device.

Manufacturing: Android is a free operating system. For this reason, many mobile manufacturers have used the Android operating system. Often these mobile-based companies add their own security to the Android operating system. On the other hand, all iOS devices have the same security coding. Because of all the devices manufacturer Apple From the side of security, there is a lot of support from Android and Android.

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