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Create PHP Skeleton Loading Effect With Ajax

Create PHP Skeleton Loading Effect With Ajax

Skeleton loading effect or shimmer effect is a common feature in modern websites. It is shown just before loading the data on page. The effect makes design more user friendly to replace conventional content loading feature using mysql ajax php.…

Create text background animation Using CSS

Learn Text Reveal Animation CSS And Text Background Animation For Website Using HTML And CSS. In this post we will learn to create a Text animation using CSS. Here you can see an animation that reveals the text characters one…

Menu border hover animation using HTML & CSS

This article will focus on genuine CSS tricks that would be simple to drop into any project without having to touch the DOM or use JavaScript. I proposed this challenge in the Animation at Work Slack and again Though there…

Build a social media UI widget

Social media widgets integration with the website plays a unique role in the marketing ecosystem, be it about increasing reach, engaging users, or event conversions. HTML Code: CSS Code:

Easy social media hover HTML CSS

This is where this tutorial will come in handy (just for you!). I’ll show you an easy way to add a hover effect on top of those nifty social media icons! HTML Code: CSS Code: