Learn to Code for Free – Top Coding Websites

Learn to Code for Free – Top Coding Websites

In today’s article, we will be focusing on the resources itself. The resources include top coding websites, blogs, courses, and programs. All of the resources will be free to use.

So, what’s up with the free resources, only? By going through the free resources, you are investing your time and experimenting without losing any money. Also, for newbies, on the path of self-discovery, it is always better to try things out before diving deep into them. This also means getting hold of paid courses online.

However, don’t get it wrong. Paid content is always good, but not necessary. The base content is free for everyone, but they ask for payment when you want a verifiable certificate or help from a mentor. In any of the cases, it is always better to start learning on your own and then decide which path to take. We know people who are self-thought and have not used paid services online. If they can, you can also. Before we move on and list the best resources to learn to code for free, we need to answer a crucial question in this context, “Is learning to code hard?” Let’s tackle it below. 

Is Learning to Code Hard?

Coding has always been at the forefront of technological growth. Organizations, schools, and even government are pushing learners on how to code. They are also categorizing it as the must learn a skill just like mathematics. So, should you learn? Of Course, you should! It will help you to grow in many ways even you don’t become a full-fledged programmer. So, coming back to the question, “Is learning to code hard?” The answer is yes. Learning to code is hard. Most of the websites try to sell you their coding courses or resources by telling you the opposite, i.e., coding is easy. However, that’s not the truth. Erik Trautman breaks the whole reasoning of why coding is so hard to learn. In this article, “Why Learning to Code is So Damn hard,” he explains each point deeply. The above chart accurately shows about the rollercoaster ride that a learner goes through. We recommend you to read the article itself to get a better idea of what to expect ahead. 

1. FreeCodeCamp: FreeCodeCamp is one of the popular online learning platforms that lets you learn to code from start to end. If you are new, FreeCodeCamp is a perfect place for you. It starts by teaching your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Slowly and surely, it moves to advanced topics which require a better understanding of the previous concept. The most significant advantage of learning from FreeCodeCamp is their certification process.  They offer a total of six certifications, 30 projects, and 1409 exercise. The certification includes Responsive web design certification, JavaScript Algorithms, and Data Structure Certification, Front-end Libraries certification, Data visualization certification, APIs and microservice certification, and Information Security and Quality Assurance certification. Each of the certifications can take up to 300 hours to complete. Not only that, but they also offer coding interview prep.

2. Udacity: Udacity is one of the oldest Massive Online Massive Open Online Courses platforms on the internet. They offer excellent coding courses where you can learn to code for free. All the content on the platform is free to take. However, they also have a payment option where you get access to mentor and certifications which can be useful for your CV.  But, this is completely optional and is not necessary. The unique value of Udacity is project driven learning. Their courses are also high quality and are developed by the best people in the industry.

3. CodeAcademy: CodeAcademy is a great place for newbies. It offers simple lessons that help you get started with the journey itself. Anyone can learn to programme from CodeAcademy coding websites as it is beginner friendly and ensure that it doesn’t overload the learner. However, if you are looking for much in-depth guidance, we recommend checking out other websites. It offers interactive learning as you will see instant feedback on the screen. They provide courses on many programming languages and technology including HTML & CSS, Node JS and PHP, JavaScript, Angularjs, Ruby and much more.

4. Coursera: Coursera is one of the leading places to learn how to code for free. It is a website that offers tons of learning options and is not limited to just coding. It has one of the largest course libraries that you can explore. Also, each of the courses is crafted by the university professor who makes sure that you get the best learning content possible. Almost all the content is available for free. However, you need to pay if you want a “Coursera Verified Certificate.” You can also take advantage of their specialization courses where they list courses that provide content to master a particular skill. As a learner, you can take advantage of their free coding courses.

5. edX: Another coding website where you can learn coding for beginners is edX. They also offer high-quality courses that are developed by MIT and Harvard. It is an open-source platform. All the courses are available for free and just like other similar platforms; you can opt to pay for a certificate if you want to. By using edX, you will be able to learn from the best. They offer a variety of courses including Python, Java, C# and much more!

6. Khan Academy: Khan Academy takes a different approach to learning then compared to other coding platforms. It offers you detailed videos on coding and other computational topics. The courses are also aimed at younger kids which means that anyone can learn from their website. And, of course, everything is for free! You can learn HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, and other technologies to learn to code for free.

7. The Odin Project: The Odin project is one of the amazing programs out there. Viking Code School manages it. Their platform is paid, but they also offer a free version which focuses on providing you as much value as their paid content. By going through their content, you will able to become a successful web developer. You can learn technologies such as JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, jQuery and so on. This will add value to your portfolio and make you ready for the upcoming challenges. 

8. Udemy: Udemy is yet another popular destination for those who want to learn to code for free. They offer a mix of both free and paid courses. The courses are created by professionals and expert people who are working in the industry. Also, it is very cheap to get courses there with coupon codes. We recommend you to try out the free courses and then try out some paid ones if you like what they have to offer in the first place. 

9. Code.org: Code.org is a non-profit venture where you can get access to valuable learning content. The platform is created for improving coding knowledge among the minority and female learners. Also, most of the courses are aimed at K-12 students. You can start your journey by taking on with Hour of Code tutorials or maybe build some amazing projects.

10. Hackr.io: Hackr.io offers an amazing collection of community-based courses, tutorials and much more. If you are looking for a specific technology that you want to learn, then check out Hackr.io as they have everything that you will need. They also list books and other useful resources, so do check them out!

11. HackerRank: If you are motivated to learn to code for free and improve your programming and analytical skills, then check out HackeRank. It is used by millions of programmers who want to improve their skills on a daily basis. It offers you challenges that you need to complete to earn points. They have a leaderboard which acts a motivation for many programmers out there. Lastly, they also offer excellent job opportunities for those who have skills. You can apply to different companies through HackerRank. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to learn to code.

12. MIT OpenCourseWare: MIT OpenCourseWare is an education platform that offers high-quality learning material developed by MIT to the whole world. The online library consists of every topic that has been taught in MIT. However, be cautioned as you need to be self-graded yourself and stay disciplined as there is no grading option available. This also means that you need to do your homework, tests and other activities yourself.

Learn to Code for Free – Blogs

SitePoint: SitePoint is a website which published technical content on almost any topic out there. They regularly post topics and a lot of writers publish content there. Moreover, they cover everything including HTML, CSS, Ruby, Python, and so on. What is more, they also have a child website, Learnable which have a good collection of resources. However, it is not free. 

David Walsh: David Walsh loves writing about technology. And, why not? He is a senior developer at Mozilla. By reading his blog, you will surely learn something new. He always shares new things on his blog which include tutorials, demos, how-tos and much more!  

The Crazy Programmer: The Crazy Programmer shares basic knowledge about essential topics about computing and programming in general. The website covers topics such as PHP, SQL, Android, C, C++ and so on. They normally post two articles per week.

CSS-Tricks: CSS-Tricks is a website especially aimed at web designers and developers. This is where you will learn about everything that is related to CSS and front-end development. The posts are both beginners and advanced so you should have some basic knowledge to get full advantage of what they have to offer.

Coding Horror: Coding Horror is an excellent blog that shares impressive pieces about coding and programming in general. They share experience about the industry, programmers, and technology, and teach you to look from a completely different perspective. It is all about the exploration of the practical world put into high-quality articles written by various authors.

Dzone: Dzone is a technology blog which covers almost everything ranging from Cloud to AI to Big Data, and so on. The blog posts also range from beginner level to advanced level. Anyone can contribute on the website, but the quality of the content posted on the website is always good. Their editors make sure that only good content goes through. Other than that you can get access to resources and guides. You will be able to not only learn to code for free but also look for a job. They also list jobs.

GitHub Blog: GitHub blog is a great place to learn about the things happening on GitHub. They also offer excellent blog posts on technologies that are intriguing and worth knowing. Also, as a programmer, you should always keep a tab on GitHub and what they are trying to achieve in the future. 

Learning to code for free is one of the first keywords that a newbie types in Google. In today’s article, we went through some of the best coding websites. All of these will give you a lot of opportunities to try and see what fits your needs. However, we are also aware of the fact that going through so many options can be a daunting task. That’s why pick one and start exploring. We also don’t encourage trying out too many things at the same time as it can lead to indecision and demotivation. Last, but not the least, learning to code is hard. All you need is persistence to get past all the challenges. The best approach makes the best out of all the resources, join the community and try to contribute back to the community if needed.