Dimaag Ke Taale Tod Na - 6 Pack Band 2.0 | Tiger Shroff | Mika Singh

Being differently abled is not a choice, however acceptance certainly is. Y-Films & Brooke Bond Red Label team up with Tiger Shroff for this foot-thumping bhangra track, sung by the powerhouse, Mika Singh, with the 6-Pack Band 2.0, to urge people to open up their minds and dils to make this world a more inclusive place. 

Inspired by a real-life incident involving a differently abled person who was bullied, an experience that most special needs people and their parents have been through at some stage. But teaming up with Tiger, the 6-Pack Band is here to show the world that no disability can hold you back if given the right kind of love & support.

Ananya Halarnkar
Anjali Ramesh
Maitreya Matale
Parth Padhye
Prerna Agarwal
Rishaan Patil

Divya Ramesh: As herself
Divya’s Mother: Madhu Kishanchandani
Divya’s Father: Jayesh Kishanchandani
Mean Cousin: Ananditaa Singh
Other Friends & Family: Nidhi Sethia Nair, Mehuli Shah, Disha Pawa, Yamini Kulkarni, Rachna Sharma, Priyanka Shetty, Manoj Singh, Dharmendra Rathod, Joseph Bonala, Ishita Rathore, Nehal Kapadi, Tannisha Avarrsekar, Vinda Halarnkar, Charmaine Ramesh, Asha Matale, Namita Padhye, Sunita Agarwal, Shital Mehta, Ramesh Govind, Devdas Matale, Vinod Padhye, Umesh Agarwal

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