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The girls are married after the birth of a community!

Parents of the Oromo community of Kenya gave their daughters the marriage immediately after their birth. This tradition of marrying daughters soon after birth is called ‘Daraara’. This tradition has been going on in the Oromo Community Society for hundreds of years.

13-year-old boy Ibrahim. His father married a newborn baby girl. The girl was held in her hands by wearing a tree clad in the marriage.

Regarding the marriage of a newborn girl, Abdi Adona said, “Now my daughter will continue to grow up and wait for Ibrahim.” I will not be able to marry anyone except Ibrahim. That’s our rule.

Adona also said that no one will look at her from now on marrying a newborn girl. The future of my daughter is safe. If there is any danger, two families will come forward. The bonds between the two families will be strong. What better girls to understand better than that baby Father’s will is the will of the daughter.

The Oromo community lives on the banks of the Tan River in southeastern Kenya. A large part of this community is followed by Islam.

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