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How your food influences your ability to sleep at night

There was no headache due to insomnia and lack of enough sleep. But experts say sleep less than 4 hours a day has a bad effect on our body activities. At least 4 hours of sleep must be needed for our body fatigue.

Many do not know that sleep helps in the healing and repair of our heart and arteries. Due to insufficient sleep, irritation, lack of concentration, decrease brain performance, increase weight, and worst of all, it is a major cause of depression.

There are many foods that help us sleep better. If you keep this type of diet in the diet then it will be better for you to sleep.

The name given below is the name of 7 sleeping dishes.

Banana: banana but also works great for good sleep. The bananas help to relieve the magnesium and potassium muscles and the nerves. The carbohydrate contained in it also will give you sleep in natural ways.

Cherry: Melatonin is in Cherry. It is made from the brain’s pineal gland and controls the nostalgia of our sleep and wakefulness. Every day 10-12 Cherry will sleep better if you have..

Amanda: Amanda also helps to sleep deeper with the increase in brain efficiency. Like milk, Triptophan has a comfortable feeling in the brain and nerves. Magnesium keeps our heart rhythm perfect.

Milk: A glass of hot milk is beneficial for sleeping. Science also supports this view. Milk contains Triptophan, amino acids which are converted into serotonin. Serotonin creates a comfortable feeling in the brain that is good for sleeping. According to the Ayurvedic book, mixing a little pinch of cumin powder with milk and grated cashew nuts does not only increase the taste of milk, they also help to sleep better. Even garlic milk can be eaten for sleeping.

Dark Chocolate: Dark Chocolate is one of the best snack foods. Because of serotonin, it calms the brain and relaxes the mind. That does not mean that you will eat dark chocolate as much as you like. Always remember that moderate eating is a good health symptom.

Oats: Oats are not just stomachs, it helps to reduce weight and is one of the best sleeping foods. Add oats to a little berry, honey and eat sleeping peacefully.

Camomile Tea: It’s a very healthy, stimulant and refreshing beverage. It nudges the nerves and sleeps well. According to Ayurveda, it acts as light absorbent substance. Flavonoid in it, apienin, which is associated with the benzodiazepine receptor of the brain and is sleepy.

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