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About the guys who don’t want to get relationship!

Those who are married, they think, ‘I was good alone’. And those who are living lonely, they are looking for a partner like mind every time. Many people are reluctant to deal with married life or just about having love. Many people think, if involved, life will lose their normal rhythm or freedom! In many such cases, boys prefer to live alone.

US researchers Lisa Firestone said that the survey of more than 20 thousand ‘single men’ collected from social media surveyed was divided into 43 sections. By analyzing these answers, psychologists can find out six reasons.

The main reason for wanting to be alone: –

  1. Basically the lack of confidence in getting involved in boys becomes a big obstacle. So they want to stay alone.
  2. Many said that they do not want to worry too much about taking forward the relationship.
  3. Many people have shown their broken relationship as a cause and they can not believe women.
  4. Many people think that they want to be alone because they are not good to see.
  5. Some have said that they do not want to build relationships.
  6. The most important reason, many men shy. So feel the need to talk to women. So they prefer to stay alone.

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