How to customize CodeIgniter pagination on Bootstrap design

Pagination is one concept used for web applications. Wherever we have a bulk of data and need to show them, then it allows you to navigate from page to page, at that time we require pagination.

CodeIgniter is a open-source web framework that is used for rapid web development. CodeIgniter follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern. It is noted for its speed compared to other PHP web frameworks.

Have a look, how I solve How To Customize CodeIgniter Pagination Design problem.

Step 1.

Create a file pagination.php in application/config/ .

Step 2.

Copy the following code and paste in pagination.php

$config['base_url']   = ''; // The page we are linking to
$config['prefix']   = ''; // A custom prefix added to the path.
$config['suffix']   = ''; // A custom suffix added to the path.

$config['total_rows']   =  0; // Total number of items (database results)
$config['per_page']   = 10; // Max number of items you want shown per page
$config['num_links']   =  2; // Number of "digit" links to show before/after the currently viewed page
$config['cur_page']   =  0; // The current page being viewed
$config['use_page_numbers']     = FALSE; // Use page number for segment instead of offset
$config['first_link']   = '‹ First';
$config['next_link']   = '<span aria-hidden="true"><i class="fas fa-chevron-right"></i></span>';
$config['prev_link']   = '<span aria-hidden="true"><i class="fas fa-chevron-left"></i></span>';
$config['last_link']   = 'Last ›';
$config['uri_segment']      = 3;
$config['full_tag_open']  = '<ul class="pagination pagination-sm justify-content-center g-2">';
$config['full_tag_close']  = '</ul>';
$config['first_tag_open']  = '<li class="page-link">';
$config['first_tag_close']     = '</li>';
$config['last_tag_open']  = '<li class='page-link'>';
$config['last_tag_close']  = '</li>';
$config['first_url']   = ''; // Alternative URL for the First Page.
$config['cur_tag_open']      = '<li class="page-item active"><span class="page-link">';
$config['cur_tag_close']  = '</a></li>';
$config['next_tag_open']  = '<li class="page-link">';
$config['next_tag_close']  = '</li>';
$config['prev_tag_open']  = '<li class="page-link">';
$config['prev_tag_close']  = '</li>';
$config['num_tag_open']      = '<li class="page-link">';
$config['num_tag_close']  = '</li>';
$config['page_query_string'] = FALSE;
$config['query_string_segment'] = 'per_page';
$config['display_pages']  = TRUE;
$config['anchor_class']      = '';

Thanks for reading the complete post. Hope you have got the concept. You can share your views in the space provided below and get in touch with us.

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