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‘Dohon’s’ new song released on YouTube

Siam Ahmed and Puja Cherry after much talked-about ‘Hajir Biriyani’, upcoming film ‘Dohon’ has released its new song ‘Premer Baksho’ on YouTube.

Since its release on Jaaz Multimedia’s YouTube channel on Friday night, the music video has been viewed more than 750,000 times. Siam Ahmed and Puja Cherry lip synched in the duet sung by Imran and Kona.

Puja is overjoyed with the viewers’ reactions. “The music videos are quite well as the budget was high. The positive reactions show that these songs could have fulfilled the viewers’ expectation. I hope the viewers will love to watch ‘Dohon’.”

Written by Shah Alam Sarkar, Emon Saha composed music of the song.According to Jaaz Multimedia, the film is likely to be released on 16 November. ‘Dohon’s ‘Hajir biriyani’ earlier drew much criticism for its quite unusual lyrics.

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