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Create PHP Skeleton Loading Effect With Ajax

Create PHP Skeleton Loading Effect With Ajax

Skeleton loading effect or shimmer effect is a common feature in modern websites. It is shown just before loading the data on page. The effect makes design more user friendly to replace conventional content loading feature using mysql ajax php.…

Create simple JavaScript progress bar

A progress bar can be used to show how far along a user is in a process. HTML Code: CSS Code: JavaScript Code: Preview See the Pen JavaScript progressbar by Rashedul Hasan (@rhsuman) on CodePen.

Preview image before upload using JavaScript

In this tutorial, we will be learning to preview an image without actually uploading it to the server. We will use couple of lines of JavaScript code to achieve this. HTML Code: CSS Code: JavaScript Code:

How To Toggle Between Dark and Light Mode

Switch between dark and light mode with CSS and JavaScript. HTML Code: Use any element that should store the content you want to toggle the design for. In our example, we will use <body> for the sake of simplicity: CSS Code: Turning…

Create JavaScript Age Calculator

JavaScript offers some built-in date and time functions, which helps to calculate the age from the date (Date of Birth). Using these JavaScript methods, you can easily find the age of anyone. For this, we require a date input from…